Agoda Job 2023 | Senior Software Development Test Engineer

About the Agoda Job 2023

About Agoda

Agoda is an online trip reserving platform for lodgment, breakouts, and more. We make and emplace slice- edge technology that connects trippers.
with further than2.5 million lodgment encyclopedically. Grounded in Asia and part of Booking effects, our,000 workers representing 90 ethnicities foster a work terrain rich in diversity, creativity, and collaboration. We introduce through a culture of trial and power, enhancing the capability for our guests to witness the world.

Get To Know Our Team

In Agoda’s, we make the scalable, fault-tolerant systems and APIs that host our core business sense. Our systems cover all major areas of our business force and pricing, product information, client data, dispatches, mate data, reserving systems, payments, and more. These charge-critical systems change constantly with dozens of releases per day, so we must employ state- of- the- art CI/ CD and testing ways in order to make sure everything works without any time-out. We also ensure that our systems are tone- mending, responding gracefully to extreme loads or unanticipated input. In order to negotiate this, we use state- of- the- art languages like Scala and Go, data technologies like Kafka and Aerospike, and nimble development practices. Most importantly however, we hire great people from each around the world and empower them to be successful. Whether it’s structure new systems like Breakouts and Packages or reimagining our being business, you ’ll make a big impact as part of the Engineering platoon.

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The Opportunity:

As a Software Development mastermind in Test (SDET), you’ll be responsible for helping us ameliorate our test robotization sweats across our entire technology mound. You’ll be a crucial member of a growing platoon and requires tone- provocation, a background of strong development experience, and a strong foundation of automated QA gauging all phases of development. You’ll work in a crucial position, where your sweats will have an impact on both the company and the product quality. In addition to the conditions below, successful campaigners and platoon members will partake a passion for a high- quality product, strong engineering principles, and regular problem- working chops. To be successful in this part you must be passionate about erecting test fabrics, streamlining CI/ CD channels, designing and enforcing results that could enhance the development and release process.

In This part, you ’ll Get To

  • Lead/ contribute to engineering sweats from design to perpetration.
  • Working complex specialized challenges around inventor and engineering productivity and haste Enhance/ give visibility to stakeholders Design.
  • Develop & contribute to the advancements of our robotization fabrics.
  • Tests and structure including – exploration of new technologies and tools Drive relinquishment of stylish practices in law health, testing, and maintainability dissect and putrefy complex software systems and unite with cross-functional brigades to impact design for testability.

What You ’ll Need to Succeed

  • complete with one or further of the following languages Java, C#, Scala, Python, Ruby, JavaScript complete with DevOps technologies and conception for illustration; CI/ CD, Dockers, Kubernetes, Jenkins, TeamCity and Git
  • Good knowledge of E23 systems and design. Should not be concentrated on a single platform.
  • Good knowledge of testing aggregate and understanding of how tests impact CICD
  • Capability to come up with scalable testing strategies.
  • Demonstrated capability to work singly as well as a part of both large and small brigades in a fast-paced terrain.
  • Good jotting and communication chops in English
  • Must be suitable to easily describe and bandy problems.


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