Difference Between Manual and Automation Testing

Difference Between Manual and Automation Testing

What is Manual Testing? with example Manual testing is a type of software testing in which test cases are executed manually by a tester without using any automation tools. It is the most primitive of all testing types and helps to identify bugs in the software system. Manual testing requires a tester to play the … Read more

Test Case Design Technique in Software testing

What is software testing technique? Software testing technique: Software testing technique: Positive Testing. This technique involves testing the system to ensure that it works as expected when valid input is provided. In this case, the valid input is the statement that the user liked the new Batman Boundary value analysis (BVA) Boundary value analysis: 1.Tweet … Read more

Create a Diagram That Shows the Different States and Transitions.

What is state Transition Testing? State transition testing is a type of software testing that focuses on the behavior of an application when transitioning from one state to another. It is used to verify that the application behaves as expected when transitioning between different states, such as when a user interacts with the application or … Read more

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE)

Whai is SAFe(scaled agile framework) SAfe (Scaled Agile Framework) is an agile framework for scaling lean and agile practices across multiple teams. It provides guidance on how to structure and manage work, enabling organizations to deliver value faster and with fewer risks. Why use SAfe agile framework SAFe Agile is a framework for scaling agile … Read more

Testing the Security of Banking Domain Applications

What is domain in testing? Domain Testing is software testing rocess in which the application is tested by giving a minimum number of inputs and evaluating its appropriate outputs. The primary goal of Domain testing is to check whether the software application accepts inputs within the acceptable range and delivers required output. It is a functional … Read more