What is Agile Test Automation

Agile Automation testing

Agile automation testing is a software testing practice that uses automated tools to test software applications in an agile development environment. It is used to ensure that the software meets the requirements of the customer and is of high quality. Agile automation testing helps to reduce the time and cost associated with manual testing, while also providing more accurate results. Automation tests can be run quickly and repeatedly, allowing for faster feedback on changes made to the application. Automation tests can also be used to detect bugs early in the development process, reducing the amount of time spent on debugging later on.

Automation in waterfall vs Automation in Agile

Waterfall Automation:Agile Automation:
The waterfall methodology is sequential and linear.Agile methodology is incremental and iterative.
Requirements have to be frozen at the beginning of SDLC.Requirements are expected to change and changes are incorporated at any point.

How to automation in agile methodology

1.Create a user story: As a fan of Batman, I want to be able to share my opinion about the new movie on Twitter.

2.Break down the user story into tasks:

  1. Research the new Batman movie
  2. Create a Twitter account
  3. Compose a tweet about the movie
  4. Post the tweet

3. Automate the tasks:

  1. Use an automated web crawler to research the new Batman movie and compile relevant information into a report
  2. Use an automated script to create a Twitter account
  3. Use an automated script to compose and post the tweet

Fundamental point for Agile Test Automation

Agile test automation is all about testing early and often. Automated tests should be written and executed as soon as possible to ensure that the software is working correctly and that any bugs are identified and fixed quickly. This helps to reduce the time it takes to develop a product, as well as ensuring that the end product meets customer expectations.

Agile Automation tools

  1. IFTTT: Automatically post the tweet to your Facebook page.
  2. Zapier: Automatically add the tweet to a spreadsheet for tracking.
  3. Selenium: Automate the process of tweeting from multiple accounts.
  4. Jenkins: Automate the process of scheduling tweets at specific times.
  5. Appium: Automate the process of testing the tweet for accuracy and correctness before posting it online.

Automation testing concepts when applied to Agile

Automation testing concepts when applied to Agile:
  1. Automated Unit Testing: Automated unit tests can be used to quickly and accurately test individual components of the application, ensuring that they are functioning as expected.
  2. Automated Integration Testing: Automated integration tests can be used to ensure that different components of the application are working together correctly.
  3. Automated Regression Testing: Automated regression tests can be used to quickly identify any changes in the application that may have caused unexpected behavior or errors.
  4. Automated Performance Testing: Automated performance tests can be used to measure the speed and responsiveness of the application, ensuring that it meets user expectations.
  5. Automated Security Testing: Automated security tests can be used to identify any potential vulnerabilities in the application, helping to protect against malicious attacks or data breaches.

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