What do you mean by Decision table testing?

What is Decision table testing?

Decision table testing is a type of software testing that uses a table of conditions and their associated actions to determine the expected output for a given set of inputs. In this case, it would be used to test the accuracy of the tweet by verifying that it accurately reflects the user’s opinion.

Example 1 − How to Create a Login Screen Decision Base Table

Let’s make a login screen with a decision table. A login screen with E-mail and Password Input boxes.

The condition is simple − The user will be routed to the homepage if they give the right username and password. An error warning will appear if any of the inputs are incorrect.

ConditionsRule 1Rule 2Rule 3Rule 4
Username (T/F)FTFT
Password (T/F)FFTT
Output (E/H)EEEH


  • T – Make sure your login and password are correct.
  • F – Incorrect login or password
  • E – An error message appears.
  • H – The home screen appears.

Example 2 − How to Make an Upload Screen Decision Table

Consider a dialog box that prompts the user to submit a photo under particular situations, such as –

  • You can only upload images in the ‘.jpg’ format.
  • a file with a size of fewer than 32 kilobytes
  • 137*177 pixels is the resolution.

If any of the requirements are not satisfied, the system will display an error notice describing the problem, and if all conditions are met, the photo will be correctly updated.

Let’s make a choice table for this situation.

Condition sCase 1Case 2Case 3Case 4Case 5Case 6Case 7Case 8
SizeLess than 32 kbLess than 32 kb>=3 2 kb>=32 kbLess than 32 kbLess than 32 kb>=32 kb>=32 kb
Resolution137* 177Not 137* 177137* 177Not 137*1 77137*1 77Not 137*17 7137*17 7Not 137*177
OutputPhoto UploadedError Message resolution mismatchedError message size mismatch

Why Decision Table testing is important ?

Decision table testing is important because it helps to ensure that the software or system is functioning correctly and accurately. It tests the various conditions and outcomes of a given situation, such as in this case, whether the user liked the movie or not. This helps to identify any potential errors or bugs in the system, and can help to improve the overall user experience.

Advantage of Decision Table testing

1.When the condition are numerous, then the decision table help to visualize the outcomes of a situation

2. Decision tables summarize all the outcomes of a situation & suggest suitable actions

3. They provide more compact documentation

Disadvantage of Decision Table testing

1.Decision tables only present a partial solution

2. Do not depict the flow of logic of a solution

3. Decision tables are quite far away from high-level languages.

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