Test Case Design Technique in Software testing

What is software testing technique?

Software testing technique:

Software testing technique: Positive Testing. This technique involves testing the system to ensure that it works as expected when valid input is provided. In this case, the valid input is the statement that the user liked the new Batman

Boundary value analysis (BVA)

Boundary value analysis:

1.Tweet length: Is the tweet too long or too short?

2. Word choice: Are any words inappropriate or offensive?

3. Grammar: Is the grammar correct?

4. Spelling: Are there any spelling mistakes?

5. Tone: Is the tone appropriate for the context?

Equivalent value analysis (EVA)

Equivalent value analysis: The value of this tweet is that it expresses a positive opinion about the new Batman movie. It could be used to gauge public opinion about the movie and to help promote it.

Decision table based testing

Decision Table

State transition

State Transition:

State transition software testing is a type of software testing that focuses on the behavior of an application when transitioning from one state to another. It involves testing the application’s response to various inputs and events, as well as verifying that the application transitions between states correctly. This type of testing is especially important for applications that involve complex user interactions, such as online shopping carts or gaming applications.

State transition diagram

State transition software testing table

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