Associate/Operations and Recruitment – D. E. Shaw Research/Off -Campus-2023

About Us

The D.E. Shaw group is a global investment and technology development establishment with farther than$ 60 billion in investment capital as of December 01, 2022, and services in North America, Europe, and Asia. Since our founding in 1988, our establishment has earned an international character for successful investing predicated on invention, careful trouble operation, and the quality and depth of our staff.

We have a significant presence in the world’s capital requests, investing in a wide range of companies and financial instruments in both developed and developing husbandry. We are looking for an individual to work in our Hyderabad office for the Operations and Recruitment (OR) team, which supports D.E. Shaw Research, in a wide variety of unction’s. D.E. Shaw Research (DESRES) is a New York- predicated drug discovery and computational biochemistry disquisition company developing and using advanced computational technologies to understand the behavior of biologically and pharmaceutically significant molecules at an atomic position of detail, and to design precisely targeted, largely picky drugs for the treatment of various conditions.

Among our core technologies is a particular special- purpose supercomputer called ANTON ® which we designed and constructed to perform molecular dynamics simulations further than 100 times faster than the world’s fastest general- purpose supercomputers. DESRES develops and refines advanced biomolecular modeling styles, software, and machine knowledge ways on ANTON ®, as well as on general- purpose supercomputers, in order to pursue both internal and collaborative drug discovery programs.

What You’ll Do

  • Day- to- day as an associate you ’ll be responsible to design, upgrade, and apply customized sourcing strategies to identify and retain world- class gift and contribute to a variety of recovery- related exertion and workflows at all stages of the candidate lifecycle.
  • You will contribute to events analogous as on- lot career expositions, disquisition addresses, and conferences attended by the technical team members along with the overall operation of the group’s advertising and marketing sweats.
  • You will suggest and apply infrastructural advancements and contribute to process documentation and carry out statistical analysis of functional, recovery, and specialized data.
  • You will be engaged in end- to- end operation of interview process including scheduling and feedback collation from hiring directors and furnishing an indefectible candidate experience.
  • You will have the occasion to work with the group’s scientists and track trends and technological advancements applicable to the drug discovery sweats.
  • You will be responsible for supporting the group’s marketable development team by tracking scientific publications and assaying supercomputer data.
  • You will also maintain the database of scientific disquisition papers.
  • Who We ’re Looking for the ideal candidate should be a final time pupil from a three- time undergraduate program from any discipline with no current backlogs.
  • They should be exceptionally bright and largely motivated creative thinkers.
  • They should demonstrate attention to detail, logical capability, and problem- working chops
  • They should retain excellent written and oral communication chops.


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