Cognizant is Hiring for Selenium, Manual Testing – Fresher | Software Testing Job 2023

Cognizant is Hiring for Selenium, Manual Testing

About the job




Test Requirement Analysis:

Identify requirement defects by adopting shift left levers e.g.:

Demand nebulosity Matrix ADPART and other conscious result accelerators.

  • Perform KT on stoner stories.
  • Design estimates (time/ trouble) grounded on the conditions analysis.
  • In case of critical technology produce test scripts and seek review inputs from the test lead.
  • Understand and dissect the conditions (through review of demand document) to identify the testable conditions.
  • Prioritize the conditions grounded on the time needed.
  • Prepare high position inflow documents.
  • Organize and drive the demand walkthrough session. Prepare/ Review the inflow plates.
  • Seek explanation on the conditions from the client.
  • Perform evidence of generalities or estimate different tools if needed.

Test Strategy And Test Planning

  • Test Strategy And Test Planning.
  • Document the test plan grounded on the understanding of test strategy (covering design details particulars under compass particulars out of compass type of testing hypotheticals dependencies pitfalls previsioned entry/ exit criteria) for each cycle.
  • Seek subscribe off on the test plan from the customer.
  • Give inputs for test plan creation including number of test scripts and test cases used for estimation of the test cycles schedule dependences etc. in addition to the other dependences from colorful brigades like terrain vacuity third party interfaces and test data etc.
  • Share in cooperative sprint thing description session to determine what the platoon plans to achieve during the sprint.
  • Participation in status calls meetings between onsite and coastal brigades to bandy the design status.

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Test Design Techniques (Design Principles/tools/patterns)

  • Test Design ways (Design Principles tools patterns).
  • Identify the test scripts grounded on the understanding of systems interfaces and operation.
  • Identify end to end business critical scripts.
  • Lift/ support development platoon in unit test robotization identify terrain dependences deployment strategies make release cycle test data dependences etc.
  • Produce/ Review the test scripts (
  • Created by the Quality engineer.
  • Identify and validate test scripts for robotization.
  • Perform In Sprint robotization.
  • Perform robotization Script conservation.
  • Partake created test scripts with test lead for review.
  • Conduct airman robotization test run to validate the test scripts.
  • Validate the test terrain set up.
  • Share in client review meetings and seek subscribe off by client on the review commentary.
  • Identify retrogression script and the impacted areas on need base.
  • Perform effective robotization through automated law content tools manual law review with minimum review commentary.
  • Develop supporting structures for all test robotization including mocks remainders & test harnesses.

Coding Practices & Defect Management

  • Suitable to estimate and commit task position trouble and deliver conditioning on time.
  • Effective specialized communication by sharing in architectural/ design reviews. †¢ Performance Development Process.
  • Comprehensive understanding of full development lifecycle and is laboriously involved in all phases.
  • Share in the disfigurement triages to gather substantiation for disfigurement identification on periodic base for disfigurement prioritization and fix.
  • Track disfigurement criteria to ensure testing effectiveness as generated by tool.
  • Involvement with development brigades’ engineers beforehand in the design life cycle to identify the dependences on armature design rendering norms deployment terrain deployment methodologies.

Test Execution (Automation/Specialized Testing)
  • Test the disfigurement and modernize the status if needed.
  • Conduct root cause analysis of the blights logged.
  • Conduct dry run/ bank testing to insure scripts readiness.
  • Perform high position/ reason testing to ensure testing is complete.
  • Give robotization/ white box and other status to Test Lead/ Test director.
  • Develop automated test scripts using technology generalities.
  • Produce test robotization frame that suites the operation under test using the linked test robotization tool.
  • Incorporate the automated tests into nonstop integration process.
  • Coordinate with the stakeholders to make go no go decision grounded on test results and test check summary report.
  • Retain knowledge on continuous integration practices & identify applicable CI tools grounded on design development model.
  • Ensure CI Setup is done for each round and job creation is done using CI tools.
  • Perform Frequent monitoring & Failure analysis will be done.
  • Perform Script fixing for any crime’s issues.
  • Status is participated to onsite across all brigades.
  • Frequent Optimization/ conservation.
Technology Consulting Research & Analysis
  • Support business on faster time to vend conditioning.
  • Borrow stylish practices to maximize savings and minimize redundancy.
  • Feasibility Study “new technology/ frame conception.
  • Code content analysis.

People Management

  • Develop and sustain positive connections with peers.
  • Identify training requirements of platoon members.
  • Identify bachelor price and develop high players.
  • Resolve escalated conflicts and grievances.

Knowledge & Innovation Management

  • Creation of knowledge base with quality test robotization process documents.
  • Coordinate with platoon members to upload the applicable document in knowledge operation doors and keep it streamlined with the rearmost document.
  • Extemporize formerly being processes grounded on the experience.
  • Institutionalize systems and processes in place to apply invention suggestion made by the platoon (e.g., relinquishment of conscious personal stylish practices tools process optimization like operation of tools robotization etc.).
  • Identify the time and cost savings made due to relinquishment of the stylish practices.
  • Foster innovative culture in design platoon.

Project Configuration & Release Management
  • Retain abecedarian of software configuration operation including modification control and the establishment of nascence’s.
  • Retain Handson working knowledge of at least 2 software configuration operation tools.
  • Cleave to all client norms programs and governance practices.
  • Strong design operation knowledge with capability to produce plan identify dependences pitfalls & constraints & mitigation plans.
  • produce timely status reports & give timely deliverables & upload in design operation tools.
  • Identify suitable design criteria & continuously track/ examiner.
  • Suitable to come up with preventative & corrective conduct for pitfalls.

Must Have Skills

  • Manual Testing, Functional Testing
  • Selenium
  • .Net Programming-C# .Net

Good To Have Skills

  • SQL

Employee Status : Full Time Employee

Shift: Day

Job Travel: No

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