Deloitte is Hiring for Automation Tester | Software Testing Job 2023

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Job Details

Automation Tester

Tester Forensic Analytics is a fast- growth practice within Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory that centers around several of the hottest areas of business moment – analytics, forensic analysis, and action support – and the technical chops that make careers in these areas both fascinating and in high- demand.

Our Analytics platoon makes expansive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, rules- grounded styles, and explicatory and prophetic modeling to bring perceptivity to customer issues in the forensic and sale disciplines.

We work with specialists in numerous areas, and we apply our results to a wide range of largely intriguing and complex commercial challenges, similar as forensic examinations, deals fraud, Anti-corruption compliance, restructuring, safety and quality, enterprise fraud and abuse operation to explain what has passed in the history and to support informed decision making for the future.

Our work decreasingly employs technical capabilities, similar as advanced analytics, visualization, and geospatial.

Work you’ll do.

Your donation to our test robotization and CI/ CD test processes will include structure and executing (retaining the quality of) some modules of the system. Have a strong focus the testability, robustness, and performance of software result.

The ideal seeker for this position is a test professional with both Manual Testing & programming chops who can Identify the scripts to automate, understand the frame and tools used in Test robotization.

To fill the SDET position, you should have excellent time operation chops as well as strong communication chops. You should have a passion for designing, development, and testing and the capability to upgrade your specialized chops within the constantly changing technology sector.

Then are just some to the things you’ll do.

  • Structure, designing and prosecution of test robotization.
  • Define and construct robotization fabrics for web- grounded operations.
  • Debug and help troubleshoot issues to determine route causes.
  • Plan alongside platoon and upgrade point stoner stories for nimble Scrum/ SAFe brigades.
  • Work with product possessors, inventors, and identify the scripts that can be automated.
  • Good understanding on Manual Testing process/ tools.



  • Minimum of 3 to 5 year of manual Testing process & automated software test development with CI/ CD channels.
  • Experience to use Azure- Devops process operation tool.
  • Experience using C# with Playwright, Python with Selenium, Specflow with BDD or any analogous ultramodern test robotization technologies.
  • Experience with Restsharp, microservices, APIs, and longshoreman holders.
  • Experience in Behavior Driven Development and writing executable acceptance criteria in Gherkin.
  • Experience with SQL using PostgreSQL or analogous RDBMS result. I
  • n- depth knowledge of Testing generalities.
  • Experience working in Scrum or Scaled Agile Framework( SAFe) brigades and delivering features incrementally.
  • Bachelorette’s Degree in Computer Science or any engineering discipline.

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  • Experience with bug shadowing, Scrum boards in Azure DevOps.
  • Experience with Dotnet Core.
  • Experience working with peers and directors who are geographically dispersed.

How you ’ll grow

At Deloitte, we ’ve invested a great deal to produce a rich terrain in which our professionals can grow. We want all our people to develop in their own way, playing to their own strengths as they hone their leadership chops. And, as a part of our sweats, we give our professionals with a variety of literacy and networking openings including exposure to leaders, guarantors, trainers, and grueling assignments to help accelerate their careers along the way. No two people learn in exactly the same way.

So, we give a range of coffers including live classrooms, platoon- grounded literacy, and eLearning. DU The Leadership Center in India, our state- of- the- art, world- class literacy Center in the Hyderabad services is an extension of the Deloitte University (DU) in Westlake, Texas, and represents a palpable symbol of our commitment to our people’s growth and development. Explore DU The Leadership Center in India


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