Eaton Corporation is Hiring for Sr. QA Engineer- Software/Mobile Testing | Software Testing Job 2023

What you ’ll do

Eaton, a request leader in power operation, is also a trusted brand in cybersecurity, slice- edge technology, and eventually precious results for our guests. A crucial focus includes sustainable results through IoT, using generalities like Homes as a Grid and structures as a Grid to support farther relinquishment of before- the- cadence renewable energy sources, EV structure, and mileage grid structure. Eaton’s Commercial and Domestic Distribution results has an opening for The Sr. Test Engineer Software/ Mobile App Testing. He She’ll be responsible for driving performing functional and performance testing to ensure quality of the product. Work experience in IOT and cloud operations which include the interconnectivity of bedded bias, customer frontend mobile and web operations, and backend services will be preferred. The incumbent requirements to work nearly with global brigades, third parties, software inventors, and bedded/ electronics brigades to drive testing of IOT results in a nimble development terrain.

1. Developing and running test cases for IOT results.

2. Drive Test Automation in platoon.

3. Making sure that Test Suits are scalable, secure, dependable, and cost-effective.

4. Integrating a nonstop Integration/ nonstop Development channel to insure a high- quality and effective development cycle.

As a Sr. Test Engineer, strong logical and specialized chops needed which will directly impact the quality of the software we produce. Person needs to work in a nimble terrain where each replication reaches the coming position.

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Job responsibilities:

  • Perform functional and performance testing concentrated on IOT bias, software, and systems.
  • Work with system engineers, software and product inventors, marketing, QA, and other stakeholders to understand test conditions and insure quality products are delivered.
  • Define and apply system test conditions, plans, and stylish practices.
  • Develop automated retrogression test workflows and procedures.
  • Develop automated system performance, trust ability, and functional confirmation tests that incorporate frontal- end and back- end software platforms as well as integrating physical bias.
  • Work with other test Engineer to develop sub-system test conditions, plans, and stylish practices.
  • Work with software development brigades to inoculate a Test- Driven Development( TDD) process, nonstop Integration( CI), and other stylish practices to support testing.
  • Work with suppliers and other third parties to develop and apply confirmation, qualification, and integration test conditions, plans, and stylish practices.
  • Work with manufacturing test brigades to develop and apply end- of- line test conditions, plans, and stylish practices.
  • Work with cyber-security platoon to ensure products meet cyber-security testing conditions Have mindfulness of current and unborn state of system test stylish practices.


  • Maids in computer wisdom/ software engineering.
  • 6 Years of experience.
  • Bachelorette’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, IT, or related fiemin 6 Years of direct experience in system or software testing.
  • High familiarity with ultramodern system testing stylish practices.
  • Proven track record testing complex results that produce high quality products.
  • Experience testing mobile apps, web software, IOT bias, pall services, or analogous results.
  • Experience in scalability and cargo testing for pall structure.
  • Experience developing automated testing results.
  • Experience developing automated testing results using Selenium, Appium, PyTest or any other analogous frame.
  • Experience with scripting languages Python, JavaScript.
  • Experience in primer and automated testing on Mobile Applications, Web operations of wide range.
  • Experience in working nearly with DevOps platoon to develop CI/ CD channel in Microsoft Azure or analogous platform.
  • Experience working with interpretation control and issue tracking systems similar as the Atlassian tool chain( Jira, Bitbucket, etc.), Git, GitHub, or analogous tools.
  • Experience working with a multi-disciplinary and multi-regional platoon.
  • Experience with DevOps using Azure CI/ CD channel.
  • Excellent written and verbal chops to communicate test conditions and results” Excellent verbal and spoken communication chops (English) including the capability to explain and convey specialized generalities.
  • Proven record exercising software stylish practices and conforming to arising technology trends and methodologies.
  • Strong capability to drive for results and take action indeed when conditions may be vague or undetermined.
  • Strong problem working and logic capability.

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