Luxoft is Hiring for Senior Automation Tester | Software Testing Job 2023

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About the job

Mandatory Skills Description:

  • 5 years of experience in software test design and testing methodologies
  • Strong Experience on working with API testing.
  • Strong Experience creating robotization fabrics using Cucumber, Selenium or analogous.
  • Proven track record of testing large scale flexible systems, with deep moxie in assiduity-standard robotization testing tools and testing fabrics, similar as Selenium and Cucumber.
  • Execute functional testing, retrogression testing, and automated testing for the current systems as well as the new suite of systems in development.
  • Understand the end- to- end configuration, specialized dependences, law paths, and overall behavioral characteristics of the services you test.
  • Design, Execute and dissect robotization test scripts & test results.
  • Design and produce test conditions, test data and test scripts to address business and specialized use cases.
  • Knowledge & Experience on JIRA tool is a must.

Nice-to-Have Skills:

• Capital markets knowledge – familiarity with post trade flow terms

About Us

Luxoft empowers business leaders with enhanced analytics and software engineering capabilities that stabilize enterprises and help them thrive in shifting and complex requests For businesses seeking to contemporize, getting software- defined is a critical differentiator. Luxoft is a trusted mate for the design and delivery of effective, scalable, outgrowth- grounded software results for charge-critical processes.

Drawing on our extended cooperation ecosystem and broad sphere knowledge, we drive technology performance, functional effectiveness, and nonstop invention in multiple diligence. All while enabling advanced translucency, control, and business growth.


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