PhonePe is Hiring for Software Engineer – Test PhonePe 2023

PhonePe Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

PhonePe is Hiring for Software Engineer - Test
PhonePe is Hiring for Software Engineer - Test

Job Description


As an Engineer in Quality

  • You enjoy and maintain the quality of large features products services, including their end stoner experience and impact.
  • You take complete power of their quality process and criteria , across all releases.
  • You’re suitable to singly define the prosecution path for your area of work.
  • You regard for external dependences in your plan and prioritize across multiple disagreeing tasks/ issues to plan for timelines.
  • You establish pungency and notify stakeholders about any detainments, changes in release cycles, sprint planetc. during prosecution.
  • You’re suitable to lead people into the change by sermonizing the need of it, allowing logically and creating believable arguments.
  • You unite and make good working connections with peers and other platoon members.
  • You work your moxie within a specific area to understand the colorful factors of the problem and break them logically.
  • You’re suitable to deliver results, despite not having all the possible pieces of information and are suitable to manage unexpected changes.
  • You effectively manage with change and shift gears comfortably.
  • You’re suitable to break medium sized stories sub features testing into lower testing tasks. You identify backups in run time and are suitable to exclude the same.

Minimum Qualifications

  • BTech, MTech, or PhD in Computer Science or affiliated specialized discipline( or original).
  • Strong organizational and problem working chops with great attention to detail, critical thinking, debugging, solid communication, with the capability to track multiple test prosecutions contemporaneously and report results.
  • 5 times of software development and testing experience with strong people operation chops.
  • Experience in robotization for UI, Mobile operation, API, Web and Performance( Espresso, XCUITest, Appium, Selenium, Rest-Assured & Locust).
  • Experience working with, customizing, and extending test robotization fabrics.
  • Strong coding chops, complete in at least one object- acquainted programming or scripting language (e.g. Java, Python, Swift).
  • Experience in testing mobile apps in iOS, Android zilches and test robotization. Exposure to Performance or any otherNon-Functional testing.
  • Knowledge of test methodology and tools, software testing norms, styles and conventions, make systems, and the product development cycle.
  • Experience with one or further nonstop integration tools(e.g. Jenkins), interpretation control systems(e.g. Git).
  • Shows creativity and action to ameliorate product test content and effectiveness. amenability and inflexibility to switch between multiple high precedence assignments.
  • Exposure to DevOps tech mound like Docker, Jenkins, Mesos & Marathon.


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