Top 25 Money-Making Apps in India for May 2023

Top 25 Money-Making Apps in India

There are multiple avenues to generate income, and one increasingly popular option is through mobile apps. In India, there is a wide range of money-making apps that can assist you in earning a reliable stream of income. By familiarizing yourself with these diverse earning apps and understanding their operations, you can select the most suitable option for yourself and begin augmenting your earnings. To explore opportunities for boosting your income, take a moment to peruse the following compilation of authentic money-making apps available in India.

3 Types of Money Earning Apps

  1. Survey Apps: These are apps specifically designed for earning money by taking surveys.
  2. Games and Task Apps: These apps offer a variety of activities such as playing games, listening to music, watching trailers, and more, all with the opportunity to earn money.
  3. Referring Apps: These apps provide a referral program where users can invite others and earn money as a reward.

How to Make Money with Money Earning Apps in India

In India, there are various ways to earn money through money earning apps. These apps offer opportunities such as affiliate programs, cashback reward schemes, and referral programs. The market for such apps is highly competitive as each app operates and manages its user base differently.

Most money earning apps implement a user loyalty system that incentivizes regular app usage. The key to making money with these apps is to actively engage with them and complete the tasks they offer.

Once you have earned money through these apps, you typically have multiple options for utilizing your earnings. You can choose to transfer the funds directly to your bank account, transfer them to popular wallets like Paytm, or redeem them in the form of gift cards. However, it’s important to note that the available options may vary depending on the specific app.

When engaging with money earning apps, it is crucial to keep certain factors in mind:

  1. Thoroughly research the app: Before registering and investing your time, it’s important to conduct thorough research on the app. This includes reading reviews and comments from other users to get a better understanding of their experiences.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions: Take the time to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the apps you intend to use. This will ensure that you are aware of any limitations, restrictions, or requirements associated with earning and redeeming money through the app.
  3. Beware of upfront fees: Legitimate money earning apps are typically free to join and use. Be cautious of any app that asks for an upfront fee or payment as this may indicate a potential scam or fraudulent activity.

By approaching money earning apps with these considerations in mind, you can maximize your earning potential while safeguarding yourself against potential risks.

List of 25 Real Money Earning Apps in India for Android & iOS

AppReviewsRatingsTotal Installs
Roz Dhan2.82L4.0/51Cr+
Current Rewards28.1L4.2/51Cr+
Pocket Money3.68L4.3/51Cr+
The Panel Station35.2T4.1/510L+
Google Opinion Rewards3.14M4.6/55Cr+
Cash Baron38.1T4.5/51L+
Poll Pay928K4.5/51Cr+
Atta Poll181K4.5/510M+
MoneyTree Rewards18.5K4.6/55L+
Inbox Dollars127K4.1/550L+
Make Money – Cash Earning App1.71M4.8/510M+

This table provides a summary of 25 real money earning apps in India for Android and iOS, including their reviews, ratings, and total installs.

1. EarnKaro

Money-Making Apps

EarnKaro, the ultimate online money-making application, provides the simplest and most convenient way to earn money effortlessly. This remarkable app caters to the needs of students, housewives, and part-timers in India, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its potential. The best part? There is absolutely no requirement for any initial investment to get started with EarnKaro.

With EarnKaro, you can embark on your money-earning journey by effortlessly discovering lucrative deals from well-known brands and sharing them with your loved ones. It’s as easy as that! By promoting renowned retailers such as Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, Adidas, and many others, you can earn substantial commissions whenever someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the EarnKaro app:

Launched InThe app was introduced in 2015
RatingsImpressive rating of 3.8 out of 5
DownloadsOver 1 million downloads
CompatibilityRequires Android version 5.1 and up
Installation (Android)Visit

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn money effortlessly. Join EarnKaro today and unlock the path to financial success!

2. TaskBucks

Money-Making Apps
Money-Making Apps

Looking to engage in quizzes while earning money? Look no further than TaskBucks! This incredible app offers a unique opportunity to play quizzes and games and accumulate valuable coins. The best part is, these coins can be easily converted into real cash.

TaskBucks presents a range of activities for you to enjoy, including simple tasks, exciting contests, and the chance to win free recharge. Additionally, by referring the app to individuals within your network, you can boost your earnings even further.

With TaskBucks at your fingertips, you can also earn free talk time, allowing you to stay connected without any additional expenses. On average, users have the potential to earn approximately 10,000 coins per day, providing a fantastic opportunity to accumulate rewards swiftly.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the TaskBucks app:

Launched In2014
Requires Android Version5.0 and up
Install (Android)Visit

3. Swagbucks

Money-Making Apps

Discover new products and content, participate in surveys, shop with your favorite brands, and even earn rewards for showing grocery receipts with Swagbucks. This renowned app offers a variety of ways to earn gift cards or cash online. With over 10,000 gift cards redeemed daily, Swagbucks has become a popular choice for those looking to make money from home. Join the app today and receive a generous welcome bonus of $10. Start maximizing your earnings now!

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the Swagbucks app:

Launched In2013
Requires IOS VersionRequires iOS 13.1
Install (IOS)Visit
Requires Android Version9 and up
Install (Android)Visit

4. Roz Dhan

Money-Making Apps

Roz Dhan offers an opportunity to earn money through active engagement with their app. By engaging in activities such as checking daily horoscopes, solving puzzles, exploring websites, and reading news articles, you can accumulate earnings. Additionally, playing free games and emerging victorious allows you to earn rewards. Upon signing up, every user receives ₹50 as a welcome bonus. Furthermore, by completing the designated instant cash tasks, you can earn ₹300, which can be withdrawn within a span of 2 days.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the Roz Dhan app:

Launched In2018

5. Cointiply

Money-Making Apps

With Cointiply, you have the opportunity to enrich your digital wallet by adding Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. By engaging in a range of activities such as completing daily surveys, playing entertaining games, watching videos and PTC ads, and interacting with others through chat, you can earn valuable coins. These coins can later be converted into popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Doge, LTC, or Dash, directly benefiting your wallet. Additionally, Cointiply offers enticing loyalty bonuses that can double your rewards, ensuring a more rewarding experience. Moreover, you can take advantage of frequent bonus days, coin boosts, and exciting giveaways to enhance your earnings even further.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the Cointiply app:

Launched In2020
Requires Android Version5.0 and up
Install (Android)Visit

6. Current Rewards

Money-Making Apps

As a member of Current Rewards, you have the opportunity to enjoy music from your beloved bands and radio stations while also earning money. By engaging in various activities, such as completing surveys, exploring free games and apps, and watching brief videos, you can increase your earnings. Additionally, you can receive cashback on your purchases and accumulate earnings by referring the app to your friends. On average, it’s estimated that you can earn approximately $600 annually through the use of Current Rewards.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the Current Rewards app:

Launched In2018
Requires iOS VersioniOS 11.4 or later
Install (iOS)Visit
Requires Android Version5.0 and up
Install (Android)Visit

7. Pocket Money

Money-Making Apps

Introducing Pocket Money, an app that offers you the opportunity to earn extra income through various lucrative activities such as discovering popular offers, completing tasks, watching videos, and participating in exciting tombola games. With a vast user base counting in the millions, Pocket Money has empowered countless individuals to accumulate millions in free mobile recharge.

According to the developers behind this innovative app, by actively engaging with its features, you can potentially earn up to ₹7000. Whether you need to cover your bills, purchase movie tickets, or pay for cab rides, Pocket Money is a reliable and beneficial app to turn to. It provides a convenient means to supplement your finances while enjoying a range of engaging activities.

Let’s take a quick look at some key insights about the Pocket Money app:

Launched In2014
Requires iOS VersioniOS 9.0 or later
Install (iOS)Visit
Requires Android Version6.0 and up
Install (Android)Visit

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