Upstox is Urgently recruit Software Development Test Engineer

About the job

Designation: QA Engineer / Software Development Test Engineer


  • Work Singly and delivers testing and use case creation that meets norms and delivers asked functionality using the technology named for the design.
  • Write effective tests according to stylish practices so that pivotal functional conditions are vindicated, and tests remain valid when law is refactored.
  • Break down problems and estimate the time needed for quality- related tasks. Apply colorful testing types and methodologies effectively during SDLC.
  • Apply principles of SDLC and methodologies like spare/ nimble/ XP, CI, Software and Product Security, Scalability, Documentation Practices, refactoring, and Testing ways.
  • Take power of small tasks and deliver without supervision while using their discretion to seek help when necessary.
  • Begin to unite with the development platoon in bug fixing and structure plansCollaborate with Quality Leaders in creating test plans.
  • Apply and configures testing tools and at times help inferior staff.
  • Utensil system- position integration testing.
  • Be professed in core data structures and algorithms.
  • Define and apply test robotization using the rearmost tools and technologies.
  • Apply test robotization fabrics, automate, and execute automated test cases
  • Integrate test robotization with CI/ CD and produce prosecution dashboardsTake power of planning and shadowing of test robotization targets and report to leadership.


  • Advanced Level Knowledge of Python Programming.
  • Intermediate position Knowledge of Relations databases SQL. Basic Understanding of a pall- grounded platform similar as AWS.
  • Advanced Level Knowledge of API gRPC testing.
  • Intermediate position Knowledge of stress and performance test Practical operation of Linux OS and its commands Shell Script.
  • Advanced Level Knowledge of Testing methodologies and nimble.
  • Advanced Level Knowledge of pytest or one of the python test fabrics along with selenium or Appium.
  • Suitable to work as a tutor for Test Engineers 2 and 1

Desired Skills and Experience

” Mutual funds”, reporting, “test cases”, ” global management”, ” product security”, ” testing tools”


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