Amadeus is Hiring for QA Software Engineer | Software Testing Job 2023

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Life Cycle Governance & Architecture platoon is to define lifecycles of operations on different test systems (internal and guests facing systems) to reach product. Conditioning of LGA platoon is

  • Need to understand complex functionalities products of Amadeus and suitable to apply the knowledge during the design.
  • Grounded on the test system operation (different druggies) need to find possible progressions advancements, initiate studies POC (predesign study) to conclude the suitable result for stable system.
  • To share laboriously on the way to achieve the metamorphosis in life cycles (Target, Process, perpetration, roadmap).
  • Support crucial metamorphosis systems on way test systems are managed.
  • Influence and contribute to result design in order to integrate lifecycle operation, test system support and client support conditions in design and perpetration of R&D and Operations changes.

Applicable work experience (Internal coffers)

  • Good Experience on Manual testing with hands on experience on understanding demand and convert them to test content.
  • Exposure to any automation is fine, Exposure to client commerce will be a added value.
  • Explore to pall specific generalities will be an added value.
  • Global understanding of business armature models, specialized and functional rudiments and dependences associated with IT results in the trip assiduity.
  • Good exposure in open backend armature (DEV/ QA/ IMP guys who has exposure to Open back ends).
  • Knowledge on software lifecycle and Amadeus test systems.

Functional Skills

  • Experience in Amadeus or another crucial player.
  • Travel Technology company.
  • Knowledge of ALTEA Suite products.
  • Knowledge of Travel Agent and Airline business would be a plus.

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Personal Skills

  • Change operation and inflexibility.
  • Responsibility and proactivity.
  • Multilateral approach client focusses.
  • Analytical and abstract thinking Rigidity to gormandize changing business and specialized terrain.
  • Taste for challenges particular provocation.
  • Communication.
  • Information gathering.
  • Innovation, assiduity and business Moxie.

Diversity & Addition

We’re an Equal occasion Employer and seek to hire the stylish seeker anyhow of age, beliefs, disability, race, gender or sexual orientation.

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