Wipro is Hiring for Test Software Engineer | Wipro Jobs 2023

About the job

Role Purpose

The purpose of this role is to make test cases and perform testing of the product/ platform/ result to be deployed at a client end and ensure its meet 100% best quality assurance parameters.


1.Necessary in understanding the test conditions and testcase design of the product

  • Authoring test planning with applicable knowledge on business requirements and corresponding testable conditions perpetration of Wipro’s way of testing using.
  • Model based testing and achieving effective way of test generation icing the test cases are peer reviewed and achieving less rework.
  • Work with development platoon to identify and capture test cases, ensure interpretation Setting the criteria, parameters, compass/ eschewal- compass of testing and involve in UAT (stoner Acceptance Testing)
  • Automate the test life cycle process at the applicable stages through vb macros, scheduling, GUI robotization etc.

2.To design and execute the robotization frame and reporting

  • Develop and automate tests for software confirmation by setting up of test surroundings, designing test plans, developing testcases scripts operation cases, and executing these cases.
  • Ensure the test blights raised are as per the norm defined for project/ program/ account with clear description and replication patterns.
  • Descry bug issues and prepare train disfigurement reports and report test progress.
  • No cases of rejection/ slippage of delivered work particulars and they are within the Wipro/ client SLA’s and morals.
  • Design and timely release of test status dashboard at the end of every cycle test prosecution to the stake holders
  • furnishing feedback on usability and utility, trace the result to quality threat and report it to concerned stakeholders.


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